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Greg Gilbert  

Dear Friends,
I wanted to share a resource with you in case you and your church or community are looking for a good speaker and entertainer. 
Mr. Greg Gilbert recently spoke at both our Henrietta & Clay County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet as well as at Henrietta FUMC for our Sunday Service.  He did a great job!  He teaches about leadership, love and life, but does it in a wonderful way through stories and songs.  The songs are ones that he has written and he does an incredible job teaching poignant messages.
He did an outstanding job at our Chamber Banquet with a message that brought both laughter and tears. He has a strong faith and brings that into his talk and songs.  The message that he gave to our church the following day was a powerful one that has kept people talking about it.  He was able to say some things to the church that they needed to hear, yet it came to them in a more powerful way than just their hearing it in a sermon from their pastor.
If you want to know more about him you can go to or call 870-777-1454.
Dr. Keva Green
Henrietta FUMC

I feel that Greg has condensed six weeks of sermons into a 45 minute session of stories and songs. Plus, it was scriptural.

– J. Hawthorne – Fulton Union Baptist


Thanks for a wonderful program! May God continue to use you and bless your efforts in His ministry. Blessings, James Harris – Nashville AR – FUMC

Midway Feedback



Feedback from attendees has been more than positive! Your approach was on target, our staff shared that they appreciated the fact that you weren’t “telling” us how to do things, but shared ideas, experience & rationale for these approaches. I’ll let you know how we progress. Take care,

Jane Bueg, PHR

Corporate Services Director

Ozark Opportunities, Inc.

Harrison, AR  72602

“Your program was very pertinent and useful. Your “real life” stories allowed you to make a connection with your audience.” – Rhonda Davis – CFO, Paragould Light Water & Cable

E-mail to meeting planner: I didn’t tell you how much I enjoyed the meeting yesterday. The location was absolutely perfect….what a great idea to use that facility! And the program you all put together for us was just what I needed to hear. The student choir reminded us of our mission at the health dept; to create a better world for them. But by far, the guitar HR speaker really brought home important messages to me personally AND professionally. Please tell all your team members that we all appreciate the hard work that went into planning and implementing such a good program for us.

“Greg, I want to thank you again for the outstanding session you conducted. Our supervisors and manager walked away with more than they were expecting. Keep it up….you are a valuable asset to the HR field.” – V. Kieth – Human Resources Manager – Longview, TX

“This is the best seminar I have ever attended. Very relatable and useful. Not all about rules and laws but relationships. Thank you, truly thank you. You are an inspiration.” – KT – Absolute Care Management – 2-12-13

Leadership impacting right when I needed it. – KK – HR Mgr. Startek

“What I enjoyed most about his seminar is that he is not just a professional speaker delivering someone else’s material. He shared personally witnessed successes and failures and what led to each. All managers and supervisors can relate to and learn from this seminar.” – Comment from a Lebanon, Pennsylvania seminar attendee to their HR Manager

Speaker Feedback Comments from a program at Red River Army Depot:

Great Speaker- Send our employees that are not up to standards to listen to Greg Gilbert. If they do not change start the paper work process-Keep it as interesting as this one; Have more of Greg Gilbert; GREAT JOB BEST EVER!-Bring Mr. HR with Guitar Back!- The training provided useful information in the areas of being a successful leader- enjoyed the key-note speaker. Good insight. Employees need to hear this.-Best symposium so far-Mr. Gilbert was outstanding- Bring Greg Gilbert back, he could help in developing several supervisors.-Recommend Mr. Gilbert work with us on workshops-Non govt. speakers with private industry points of view- Great Speaker-very inspirational-Bring the keynote speaker back in several months, Request his notes & provide to all, He provided some But he had many good comments-GREAT, Loved Greg Gilbert presentation. Need more like that-Greg was great-My first and enjoyed it very much!! Appreciate the info on future training.-Keynote speaker, Greg Gilbert was excellent.-Invite Mr. Greg Gilbert back. Great messages & stories. Real Life; Refreshing to hear different prospective. HR details. Good to reflect on leadership processes & to reevaluate effectiveness of process.- This was one of the better formats, and the timeframe gives me an opportunity to get back to worksites; really enjoyed Greg Gilbert!

Comments from Keynote/Breakout/Seminar Attendees: “I have attended several leadership classes and left without anything to challenge me as a supervisor. This format and presentation was very beneficial and I plan on reviewing all of the material again as I strive to become a more effective and efficient manager.” – WC- Resident Engineer – Arkansas Highway Transportation Department

“Plenty of information provided in a basic and fundamental manner. Great job!” – KWJ-Section Head-Safety and Training-Arkansas Highway Transportation Department

“Our company allowed us the opportunity to work with Greg on a one-on-one basis. The experience was awesome and the training that he shared was very educational and personal. I walked away with some great learning tools. I would recommend his leadership course to anyone. My mission is; honesty and integrity and to always remain thankful.” – P.E. Acct. Exec. – Express Personnel Services

The format of real life experiences left more of an impact than the normal classroom “do this and don’t do this” approach.” – SM- Arkansas Highway Transportation Department

“I think you did a great job. You are a great orator. Learned things about myself I need to improve on. I thought it was very educational; enough to have you give a presentation to everyone in our office.” – EC- Assistant General Manager – Express Personnel Services

“I really enjoyed the class. You are very knowledgeable about leadership and I am glad I had the opportunity to take the class. I think the stories that correlate with your subject matter really help with the understanding of the course. I learned a lot and there are some things I need to change about me because I can’t change others. Thank you for your time, it was worth it.” – Makala – Express Personnel Services

“Your presentation was loved by our entire group. Everyone commented on how funny you are but how important your message is as well especially since we all get so caught up in our busy schedules. You helped remind us about what is important in life and gave us some good people management tools as well. You certainly helped to liven up a day full of legal regulations and laws and that is not easy to do!” M. H. – President RRVHR Association

“We truly enjoyed your presentation. The message was one for not only Human Resource professionals but for every walk of life. I was inspired by your outlook and reminded that life is what I intend to make of it. This was an important message for me and I am sure it touched many others. I believe that every person we come in contact with plays an important role for one, if not both people.” Thank you again, Courtney – HR Conference Coordinator

“What a wonderful presentation you made for our Arkansas Transit Association 25th anniversary. Our members enjoyed your stories and I think all of us deal with many of the same issues every day. Thank you for joining us and sharing your presentation.” Ann-Arkansas Transit Association

“We gave them an evaluation sheet to hand in at the end of the training and you were on it. All the evaluations I have read, gave you good and very good marks. Not one bad mark. I will let others know about you and hopefully have you back another time. Thank you again for your passion for what you do, it was very uplifting to many.” KH-Families & Children Together, Inc. (South Central Arkansas Head Start/EHS/ABC Programs)

“Loved the Life stories. Reminded me of all the things I have been through.”

“I wish my Dad would come to your program and hear the things you said.”

“I had to buy your CD because I couldn’t take notes fast enough.”

“This is a strong message for corporate America and social groups.”

“Upper management needs to attend and practice what you teach.”

“This was not just about work, it was about life also. Everyone would benefit from this.”

“I would’ve given anything for my son to have been here and heard your program. What a unique program!”

“You hit me right between the eyes and stepped all over my toes. I needed that.”

“Greg is a first rate speaker who has the skill to put a crowd at ease and share good information in a fun and friendly way. He was a hit in South Arkansas!”

“Excellent! A wonderful change from the norm! Great talent! Love to see it again! I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect but you were great! I’m totally impressed!”

The Hope Kiwanis Club held its annual “Salute To Veterans” Tuesday November 6th. About 75 people were out for the program. All the veterans present were honored. Greg Gilbert performed (to a standing ovation) his song “Are You Proud of What You’ve Done For What They Died For”.- From Hope Arkansas Blog Post

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More Comments from Accountable Leadership And Results Management Training Feedback Sheets:

The training brought new perspectives and re-enforced ideas on getting the most out of ourselves as managers as well as our employees. It was good to hear that others are facing the same situations with staff as we do. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was not boring, it kept my attention. You gave very interesting examples of your past experiences. I can use these in my job.

Good information – not only useful in the worksite setting but “day to day” relationships. I don’t feel like there was “too much” or “not enough of” anything. The training flowed and information given came from personal experience. This helps seeing what works and what doesn’t in things we deal with in our day to day professional life. I will also take with me things to help me in my personal life. Thanks so much Greg –

It was great and I think we all have learned so much. We will continue to have discussion when we return to the office. I liked the format. The stories help support issues that we as supervisors face each day. It is true what you said about looking back at ourselves. We can build or tear down with our words. I liked the small group round table. I prefer this way of learning. The training brought new perspectives and re-enforced ideas on getting the most out of ourselves as managers as well as employees. It was good to hear that others are facing the same situations as we do.

“My company has tried to shift to online training and it is nothing like this. You kept my interest up and I got much more from this class than online. I would have a hard time passing a test after an online class but not yours.”

“I have not held employees accountable enough. That is about to change. We are all in this together.”

“I can’t think of anything you didn’t cover and if I could, I probably won’t ever need it.”

“This information removes all excuses!”

“Very practical, to the point, effective principles given, easily understood, a very useful seminar.” “Greg, you have given me the tools I can use to be a good supervisor after the class. I know there are some things I need to change my perspective on. You were good @ explaining the “whys” and it was not boring! That’s a plus!”

“I liked this class as well as the attendance class. Please send me info on other classes. Also, I would like to send some of my supervisors to these classes. I really like the “true stories” you tell in the class. It makes the information REAL! A good well-rounded class.”

“Good practical real world examples. It’s good to hear about employee issues outside of your company and see that your issues are not dissimilar.”

“The smaller class size & the real life situations can hit home better than “text Book” situations. I have learned a lot that can give me the potential to be a better leader. Much better than online training.”

“I believe the whole class was positive! Leave everything as is. Thank you very much, it was very insightful.”

“Enjoyable presentation! Very pleased with the less formal approach and open discussion format. Enjoyed real-life examples as well.” “I wish this was recorded. There were so many things covered it was hard to keep up.”

“Something for everyone, not just new supervisors!” “This contained things that applied to life in addition to my job.” “Wealth of information. Picked up many things I can implement immediately. It’s like 20-30 experienced managers giving you their best stuff, the things that work!!”

“So many things you don’t think of. I sure wish I’d had the draft folder advice last month. It would have saved me a regret.”

“Clearly denotes the importance of consistency as it relates to following policies.”

“If you are in a leadership position, you need this class for life applications also.”

“I appreciated hearing real life experiences. Thank you for the information on the importance of maintaining meeting posture.”

“I thought the workshop was very informative. The information shared made sense. I can see if this information is utilized we can have a successful workforce.”

“The “Bucket Story” alone was worth the entire day. I needed to hear that. I have my priorities out of order.”

“My favorite feedback sheet just had “TIGS” in large letters and “This Is Good Stuff” in very small letters. At least I think it said stuff.” – Greg Gilbert