Short Version:

I am a speaker and leadership coach. I help managers, supervisors and individuals improve their results and morale by increasing Education, Engagement and Accountability.

Long Version:

I retired a few years ago from Southwestern Bell. My last 12 years were spent as the primary Human Resources contact to over 2000 team members. This is where I learned so much about people but more about myself. I also learned very quickly, I couldn’t change anyone but ME!

After a few years of actual retirement and raising cattle, something was missing. I missed the people; the interaction. I hit my knees and asked for guidance. In the next 6 months, many things occurred.

  • ·         God placed a gentleman named Perry Buster in my life that taught me to play the guitar.
  • ·         I began writing songs and playing at my local church.
  • ·         I was requested to design a leadership course for a friend. This forced me to revisit 20+ years of documented successes, failures and what led to each. This was a wealth of personal and mentors experience. The initial course led to more seminars and keynotes at companies around the country.
  • ·         I was requested to do a program for an HR group. They wanted content AND fun. “Mr. HR With A Guitar” was created to add humor to a sometimes dry subject. This led to programs at more HR groups around the country.
  • ·         I continued to write and share songs at my church.
  • ·         I was asked to share some songs at another church. I designed a program around stories and songs that everyone can relate to. This led to more programs at churches and faith based events.
  • ·         In the past ten years, these presentations of story and song have been shared with thousands from San Antonio to Pennsylvania.

I’ve attended many gospel concerts in my life. Some sang to the audience for their allotted time but they never talked to the audience. I didn’t know their heart. When I began this journey, that was my commitment; you WILL know my heart at the end of a program.

I can’t wait to share “Living Like You Own It” with your church or organization.

Greg Gilbert

Bio Version For Your Program

If it pertains to Human Resources, leadership, management or supervision, Greg Gilbert has probably been there, done that, witnessed it, heard the grievance on it and is now teaching and speaking about it.

Greg Gilbert is a speaker, leadership instructor, author, blogger, podcaster, poet, singer/song writer, dad, papaw and husband to his best friend of 38 years. Yes, his wife and best friend IS the same person. What prepared and provided Greg material for some of these roles were his 20+ years in leadership and Human Resources with a Fortune 100 telecommunications company. 

The MOST developmental and the greatest source of speaking, training and writing content were his dozen years as the primary HR contact to over 2000 team members. This was where he was first exposed to the difference in the Leader/Owner and boss employee mindsets.

He learned a lot about people but more about himself. He also learned very quickly, he couldn’t change anyone but himself. He has a passion for sharing the life and leadership lessons from years of personal experience and great mentors.  

He is also a firm believer in presentations with both content and humor. The humor is interjected into his presentations with “Mr. HR With A Guitar.” His message of Education, Engagement and Accountability has been delivered to thousands as a leadership seminar, keynote and faith based presentation. It is also the foundation for his upcoming book, “Leading And Living Like You Own It – Why We Never Wax A Rental Car.” 

This column or blog will be updated as an inspiration or idea hits me and believe me, I am easily inspired. These blogs are more of a personal nature and deal with life, family, faith and fun. 

Many items will be “Thoughts From The Lower Bunk”. My grandson and I sometimes spend the night at the “bunkhouse” on our farm. I’m on the lower bunk. This is what happens:

My favorite conversations are filtered by his mattress in the top bunk. It is those lights out moments, laying there, thinking that I’m going to sleep but knowing the night is not over yet. Then, all of a sudden, here comes the word “Papaw”. It is always followed by another question. I love this time. After I answer one, I lie grinning, anticipating the next question. I know that I will soon be disappointed as he falls off to sleep.

We have started something like Team Prayer. He would start his prayer at night and before he would say Amen, he began asking, “You got anything Papaw?” I would add what was on my heart and we both gave a hearty Amen. These are “My Thoughts From The Lower Bunk”. Thank you for visiting.

Greg Gilbert


For information on a presentation for your organization, group or church, e-mail him at greg@GregLGilbert.com

He is also the author of “If Your Baby Could Talk…Would You Listen? A Baby’s Thoughts On Raising Good Parents” www.IfYourBabyCouldTalk.com  and “My Life Appraisal” www.MyLifeAppraisal.com.