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I feel that Greg has condensed six weeks of sermons into a short session of stories and songs. Plus, it was scriptural.

– J. Hawthorne – Fulton Union Baptist

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Faith Based Program With Greg Gilbert, “Mr. HR With A Guitar”

Author of: “Leading Like You Own It” and “50 Days Of Hay”  

Dear Friends, 

I wanted to share a resource with you in case you and your church or community are looking for a good speaker and entertainer.
Mr. Greg Gilbert recently spoke at both our Henrietta & Clay County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet as well as at Henrietta FUMC for our Sunday Service.  He did a great job!  He teaches about leadership, love and life, but does it in a wonderful way through stories and songs.  The songs are ones that he has written and he does an incredible job teaching poignant messages.
He did an outstanding job at our Chamber Banquet with a message that brought both laughter and tears.  He has a strong faith and brings that into his talk and songs.  The message that he gave to our church the following day was a powerful one that has kept people talking about it.  He was able to say some things to the church that they needed to hear, yet it came to them in a more powerful way than just their hearing it in a sermon from their pastor.
If you want to know more about him you can go to or call 870-777-1454.
Dr. Keva Green
Henrietta FUMC

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I would love to share my program, “Who Are You and Why Are You Here?” with your church or faith based organization.

In the mid-70’s, as a telephone repairman, I knocked on a door in Hope, Arkansas. I saw the curtains move and heard a voice ask me, “who are you and why are you here?” Sadly, it took over four decades to see the significance in that question.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever rented a car? Have you ever waxed it? Changed oil in it? Rotated the tires? I rent cars many times in business, and I must admit, I’ve never had the urge to do any of these.

Why? Because I don’t own it. I have it for a short term. I don’t abuse the car, but I certainly don’t treat it like I own it. How many of us have treated different aspects of our life; our health, our finances, our relationships, our job or our career like a rental car? Most of us are raising our hands. We make short term, rental car decisions with long term consequences. 

Life is not like a rental car. We can’t put the keys on the counter, slide our debit card and start over. We must make selfless, long term decisions instead of short term, selfish decisions with long term consequences. However, it is never too late to begin treating your life like you own it. 

This program is a collection of music, stories and personally witnessed tools, lessons and opportunities to become a better parent, spouse and overall better person. You will be amazed at the personal pride and satisfaction that always accompany “getting better.” I have found it impossible to be discouraged or depressed when “getting better”. 

“I’m still the same old me” is a line from a George Jones song. It should NOT be your annual mission statement. Successful spouses, parents, employees and individuals are always looking for tools, lessons and opportunities to improve all aspects of their lives.

I’ve shared this program and a Leadership Development program with thousands around the country. I spent my last 12 years prior to retirement as the primary Human Resources contact to over 2200 team members. I learned so much about people but I learned more about myself. I also learned I am the ONLY one I can change. I am the author of four books. You can visit my Amazon Author Page by clicking the photo below.

I always close with an original song titled “What Are They Leaving With.” Initially it was written about my kids and grandkids but now it is also about my audience. I am so humbled and grateful to be able to share these lessons shared with me by great mentors and leaders. As I prepare for every event and every opportunity to share; I ask that question; “What Are They Leaving With?” You can get a free download of the song HERE.

My goal is to leave you with some of the lessons that can change your career and life. I know they can because they changed mine.

Call me at 870 777-1454 or e-mail me at or click HERE to check my schedule.

God Bless,

Greg Gilbert

Henrietta FUMC

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Here are a few samples of the seeds we will throw to your group in my presentation: “Who Are You And Why Are You Here?”

1. Handling anger.
2. Pick your battles.
3. The value of learning and why it should never end.
4. Becoming “Unwilling To Settle” in your life.
5. When you mess up, fess up, fix it and move on.
6. The importance of diversity.
7. Integrity, you either have it or don’t. “er” fits on the end of fast, smart, quick and slow, but not on the end of honest.
8. What “health” seeds are you planting?
9. The value of mentors in our life. There are very few “overall” mentors so this may involve different people for different aspects of your life.
10. What does your “Life Scorecard” look like?
11. Why friends that “love you just like you are” are not really a friend.
12. The Tape Measure Of Life.

There are many more seeds sown. It will depend on the time allowed. – Greg Gilbert

This “visit” will consist of 30-55 minutes of stories, Christian Country songs, some fun, some serious content and a challenge. You will not leave with the same mindset.

Greg Gilbert Faith Based

I’ve always had very positive comments on my visits. I’ve always felt if I write a song and it doesn’t make someone mad, sad or glad, then I’ve wasted their time. Believe me, I’ve witnessed all of these emotions during a visit. Hopefully I can share my stories and music with your group. I’ve listed references below. Feel free to contact someone at these churches to “check me out”. Call me at 870 777-1454.

Over a decade as the primary Human Resources contact to over 2200 employees coupled with what the Lord has done in my life combines for a powerful “visit”. I’ve learned so much about people but I’ve learned more about myself. That’s a blessing because I am the only person I can change.

Hey, what seeds are you sowing?

Go to our Contact Page to get in touch with us.

God Bless,
Greg Gilbert

I was honored to receive a request to share “With What They Died For”, a new song I had written on the KATV Veteran’s Day Program. The song asks a very tough question; “Are you proud of what you’ve done with what they died for?”

I am HUGE on personal accountability. I will challenge myself and every attendee from the stage. If you would like some great content with a serious challenge, tools to make a change and some fun, that, IS me.

NEW SONG ALERT!!!This is my new song “What Are They Leaving With?” This program is based on this song. It was written about my kids and grandsons but it is now about you also. I am so humbled and grateful to be able to share this message. As I prepare for each presentation, I ask myself the question, what are they leaving with? I want you to leave with lessons that will help you in all aspects of your life.

This is my new song that honors our military, fire and police departments, “With What They Died For”.


NOTE: Both are now available on iTunes.

Book Greg Gilbert, speaker, singer, songwriter and author of “If Your Baby Could Talk…Would You Listen?” now for a “visit”! To contact me click HERE.

Check out the information on my book, “If Your Baby Could Talk…Would You Listen? A Baby’s Thoughts On Raising Good Parents.” Even though I wrote this book in 2008, it deals with the seeds we sow. It applies to my current presentation.


Sample of References:

FUMC – Henrietta, TX
First Methodist – Ashdown, AR
Old Liberty Community Church, Fulton, AR
Jack’s Isle Baptist Church-Ashdown, AR
First Baptist # 1, Bodcaw, AR
Hilltop Bible Fellowship Church, Ben Lomond, AR
55 Alive at Central Baptist Church, Ashdown, AR
Columbus Baptist Church, Columbus, AR
Millwood Baptist Church, Ashdown, AR
First Baptist Church, Ashdown, AR
Briarwood Baptist Church, Cabot, AR
Rafter J Cowboy Church, Hope AR
Midway Baptist Church, Nashville, AR
Foreman AR Cowboy Church
Assembly Of God, Texarkana, AR
Memorial Baptist Church, Waldo, AR
Assembly Of God, Ben Lomond, AR
Hilltop Bible Fellowship, Ashdown, AR
Chidester Fall Festival – 2 Years
First Baptist Church, Hope, AR
First Baptist Church, Wake Village, TX – Twice
Eylau United Methodist Church, Texarkana, TX
South Texarkana Baptist Church
Seventh Day Baptist Church, Texarkana, AR
Rocky Point Campground Sunday AM Service, Lake Wright Patman
Beech Street FBC, Texarkana, AR
Rhema Baptist Church, Texarkana, AR
First Methodist Church, Hope, AR
Assembly Of God, Hughes Springs, TX
Buchanan First Baptist Church, Texarkana, TX
Mt. Vernon Community Baptist, Waldo, AR
Fulton Union Baptist, Fulton, AR
Fomby Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Ashdown, AR
FUMC Nashville, AR

Thanks for a wonderful program! May God continue to use you and bless your efforts in His ministry. Pastor James Harris – FUMC – Nashville, AR

Comment from First Baptist Church Wake Village, Texas:

“Your program was a real blessing to our group. Several of our group members commented that your presentation was the best program that they had received in many years.

I also wanted to add that you are a terrific songwriter. You have a rare gift of writing words and melodies that seem quite commercially viable to my ear. I could imagine hearing many of your songs on the radio sung by leading country artists. I hope you are trying to shop your songs in some manner because you truly have a gift.”


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